Planned Parenthood and LAF: Disturbing Undercover Video(s)

>> Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hello all!

Live Action Films ( has recently gone undercover to try and discover some of the workings of Planned Parenthood, and to put in mildly, their discoveries have been shocking to say the least.   I do not know how many Planned Parenthood centers they have checked out undercover, but the conduct of the Planned Parenthood counselors in the videos give me no reason to believe that the majority of Indiana Planned Parenthood clinics operate in a manner substantially different than the two featured in the videos.   These are not the first times evidence has shown Planned Parenthood to have violated state and federal laws, though these are probably the most shocking due to their nature.

Assuming you haven’t already, and I am sure some of you have, I would encourage all blog viewers to check out Live Action Films undercover films online.  The most recently released video can be found here and the other here or you can watch them right here on the blog.

The fact that these undercover findings have not been more prominently featured in the MSM strongly suggests bias (not necessarly a provable assertion), I believe, though I do recognize that these videos do not explore the issue from every angle though they do honestly present the crux of the matter.

I know I am very late covering these developments but you would be surprised at how many people have not heard even now about the latest discoveries.    An article that may be of interest for those of a curious mind can be found can be found here.  It deals with the legal questions concerning undercover investigations.    

As a final note...I suggest that you either watch these two undercover film projects following the above links to Live Actions Films site or watch them imbedded in this post below but do not watch them on youtube.   The related videos are very inappropriate, so be warned. 

 God bless and veritas and veritas supra omnis!


The first undercover video:

The second undercover video:


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