Kathy Ireland on Abortion

>> Thursday, August 12, 2010

So much for models supposedly being dumb. Kathy Ireland makes as good a case for being pro-life as I've heard a public figure make in a long time. It's definitely worthy listening to if for no other reason than that the way she presents her message is to the point and short while being full of grace.

I don't necessarily agree with her on the life of the mother issue, but I don't discount the rest of what she says because of that.

By the way, I never had thought models were dumb, just so there is no confusion on that point. ;-)

God bless and veritas supra omnis!


Hillary Hipps August 12, 2010 at 3:05 PM  

That was excellent! I had not heard that before.
I have often thought about the "save the mother" concept and while it seems harsh to say no, then again sacrificing ones own life instead of taking your child's seems to be the loving thing to do when I look at it that way. However, you have to add previous family (children) and responsibilities, and all that which really boils down to the question of how much we trust God to honor our obedience, even if that means death to both mother and child.
Definitely something where I know what I would do, but I would never ever call someone else on.

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