FtFoC #31

>> Sunday, August 30, 2009

31: "The Bible not only fits the evidence of scientific investigation, it provides an answer for why the world was created. Evolution does neither." -faithfacts.org


FtFoC #30

30: "The theory of evolution itself has continually changed over time. This is in contrast to biblical creationism, which has not changed over time." faithfacts.org


"Tears of the Saints"

>> Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hello all!  

Here is a video I wanted to share with y’all.  It’s really powerful!  It definitely leaves one thinking…what can/should I be doing that I am not doing?   Most people have a mindset of “Oh, I’m just one person and I can’t do that much, so why even try.”   But, we forget that God has used individuals to affect massive change many times before, so what makes us so sure He won’t use us?  And, even if you don’t become a tremendously successful missionary or head of a large and influential mission’s organization, is it okay to ignore or nominally obey our clear call to reach the nations by one means or another? 

God is pleased by a person faithfully supporting missionaries with prayer and money, among other things, if that is His calling for that person.  But, so few of us test the extent of God’s calling for our lives in any area, much less in the area of missions, so we never fully realize our potential to be used of God to perform great works if that be His will.   We should never be content to get by with what is culturally acceptable regarding missions.  We should seek fully and sincerely God’s will for our lives. 

A few verses to meditate on: John 15:16, Matthew 4:19, 6:24 28:19, Luke 10:2,, Acts 1:8 Romans 10:15, Philippians 2:13,  James 1:27.

Here is the link. http://xeoncross.tumblr.com/post/173976518/tears-of-the-saints?ref=nf

I wanted to embed the video but wordpress didn’t seem to like the host website. 

Be sure to watch the video!


God Bless and Veritas Supra Omnis!


FtFoC #29

29: "In all its bearing upon scriptural truth, the evolution theory is in direct opposition to it. If God’s Word be true, evolution is a lie. I will not mince the matter: this is not the time for soft speaking." -Charles Spurgeon


FtFoC #28

>> Friday, August 28, 2009

28: “The Bible clearly teaches that God created in 6 literal, 24-hour days o few thousand years ago. The Hebrew word for day in Genesis is ‘yom’. In the vast majority of its uses in the Old Testament it means a literal day and where it doesn’t the context make this clear.” -Dr. Terry Mortenson


AFA: National 'Truth for Youth' Week - Order your free Bible online now!

>> Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hello all!

I recieved this email today from the American Family Association (AFA), an organization I appreciate very much, and thought the news contained in it is worth passing on, so that's what I am doing. :-) 

August 27, 2009

Dear Friend,

American Family Association / American Family Radio is partnering with Revival Fires International, the ministry of Evangelist Tim Todd, this week (Aug. 24-28) to place a Truth for Youth Bible into the hands of teenagers who will distribute them to lost students in our public schools. Teenagers are urged to participate in this vital campaign by going to: http://thetruthforyouth.com/tfy_bibles_2009.asp or calling toll free 1-800-733-4737 (8:00am - 6:00pm CST) and ordering a FREE BIBLE for a teenager to distribute at school. Tim Todd has underwritten the costs of making this Bible available free of charge.

During this designated week, in a very effective and unique evangelism outreach, "The Truth For Youth" will be given to all teenagers who commit to give the Bibles to their unsaved friends in school. Limit: One Bible per teenager in each home. Additional copies may be purchased for a special discounted price of only $3.00 each by going to: http://www.thetruthforyouth.com/truth_bible.html#HELPTHECAUSE.

"The Truth For Youth" consists of the entire New Testament in the God's Word version, along with 100 pages of powerful full color comics that are packed with "absolute truths" regarding issues young people are faced with, such as: Evolution, Sexual Purity, Homosexuality, Abortion, Pornography, Drugs, Drunkenness, Peer Pressure, School Violence, Secular Rock Music, Sorcery and Witchcraft. God's wonderful plan of salvation is incorporated into each of the stories.

Request A Free Bible Today
Teenagers, or parents of teenagers, are urged to participate in this vital campaign by going to: http://thetruthforyouth.com/tfy_bibles_2009.asp or calling the toll free 1-800-733-4737 (8:00am - 6:00pm CST) and ordering a FREE BIBLE to distribute at school.

In the past seven years, a partnership with American Family Association in these evangelistic efforts has resulted in more than 350,000 Bibles being given away in school and more than 2500 young people sending decision coupons, emails or letters confirming they have surrendered their hearts to Christ. A total of more than 1.25 million Truth for Youth Bibles have been distributed since the conception of the Truth for Youth Bible for teens.


Tim Wildmon
American Family Association


God bless and veritas supra omnis!



FtFoC #27

27: “Genesis 2:13 says that the heavens and earth were finished. Thus, Christians who say God used evolution to bring everything, including man, into being have a real problem. If evolution is not occurring today (that is, if God is not “creating” through evolution today) there is no basis to extrapolate into the past to say that evolution has ever occurred.” -Ken Ham


FtFoC #26

>> Wednesday, August 26, 2009

26: “Everything in nature is governed by laws. Nothing can function outside these laws. Such governing laws that work in perfect unison cannot be explained in an atheist’s worldview because there is no source for such logic and order. Yet, even the atheist must admit that such laws of nature exist.” -Ken Ham


FtFoC #25

>> Tuesday, August 25, 2009

25: “Natural selection and mutations are means of change; however, both of these processes fall short in explaining design because neither can produce new genetic information.” -Ken Ham


FtFoC #24

24: “It is impossible to devise a scientific experiment to describe the creation process, or even to ascertain whether such a process can take place. The creator does not create at the whim of a scientist.” -Lee Strobel


Ben Stein "Expelled" by NY Times

Hey all!

I am a big fan of Ben Stein’s movie “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”, so when I saw the following article on the www.evolutionnews.org it naturally caught my interest.  I thought it was worth sharing, so that is what I am doing. :-)  

Here ye be!

New York Times Expelled Ben Stein

By the way...if you haven't seen "Expelled" then I would highly recommend that you do so.  Even if you don't agree with what is said in it, it's good food for thought and challenging.


God bless and veritas supra omnis!


FtFoC #23

>> Sunday, August 23, 2009

23: “The meticulous work of many historians should not be ignored. Their dates of only thousands of years are good support for the biblical date of about 6000 years, but not for billions of years.” – Ken Ham


Mohler on "The Hidden Reality of Abortion"

>> Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hello all!

While browsing through some of my favorite blogs this morning, I came across an interesting and thought provoking article on Al Mohler’s blog (you can find his blog linked on my blog-roll).   I won’t spend time summing up the article in my own words, but for those pressed for time I will grab a few of the essential parts and post them here along with a link to the whole article.   If you can though, I would recommend that you read the whole article.   It is very good…which is typical of Dr. Mohler. :-)  

I posted this becaue I think it is an overlooked but important aspect of the abortion issue/debate.  People need to realize that, when you operate outside of God's design, the unintended consequences of doing so are powerful, if not initially obvious.  We seem to have lost our understanding of that these days, much to our detriment.

“America's long war over abortion has classically been defined as a struggle between competing rights -- depicted as the right of a woman to have an abortion versus the right of an unborn child to the protection of life.”

“From the very beginning, this has been an unsatisfactory approach to the abortion controversy. Those who contend for the sanctity of human life at every stage of development are, by virtue of moral necessity, also concerned with the health, welfare, and well-being of women. The reduction of the abortion question to a matter of "rights" is itself a symptom of our moral confusion.”

“One of the most insidious aspects of the abortion controversy has been the success of the feminist movement in presenting abortion on demand as a matter central to the liberation of women.”

“As far back as the 1970s, at least some feminists saw through this logic. Catherine MacKinnon, a radical feminist legal scholar, argued that legal abortion would merely facilitate the "heterosexual availability" of women. In other words, abortion would be a benefit to men, who would be liberated to take sexual advantage of women, knowing that the availability of legal abortion would effectively remove their risk of the entanglements that would come with pregnancy and parenthood.”

“Writing in the August/September 2009 issue of First Things, Richard Stith argues that the legalization of abortion "was supposed to grant enormous freedom to women, but it has had the perverse result of freeing men and trapping women."

Those excerpts give you the gist of the article.  You can find the rest here...


God bless and Veritas Supra Omnis!


FtFoC #22

22: “History promotes a young earth belief. The Anglo Saxons’ history shows that there was 5,200 years from creation to Christ. The Nennins history shows that there were 5,228 years from creation to Christ. The Irish’s history shows 4000 years from creation to Christ. The Mayan’s history shows 3113 years from creation to Christ.” -Info from “The New Answers Book 2” by Ken Ham


FtFoC #21

21: “The earth, based on biblical genealogies, is about 6000 years old. According the text in Genesis 2 and 11, from Adam to Abraham was approximately 2000 years. Most scholars, Christian or not, would agree that Abraham lived about 2000 B.C. (about 4000 years ago). Therefore, 2000 + 4000 = 6000 years.” -Info from “The New Answers Book 2” by Ken Ham


FtFoC #20

>> Thursday, August 20, 2009

20: “No half-man, half-ape fossils have been found. The fossils fall into three categories: hoaxes, ape fossils, or man fossils.” -Jonathan Park


FtFoC #19

19: "Palaeoanthropologists seem to make up for a lack of fossils with an excess of fury, and this must now be the only science in which it is still possible to become famous just by having an opinion. As one cynic says, in human palaeontology [the study of fossils] the consensus depends on who shouts loudest." -J.S. Jones


FtFoC #18

>> Tuesday, August 18, 2009

18: “There are scores of fake fossils out there, and they have cast a dark shadow over the whole field. When you go to these fossil shows, it’s difficult to tell which ones are fakes and which ones are not.” - Lee Strobel


FtFoC #17

>> Monday, August 17, 2009

17: "Further, Darwinian explanations for such things are often too supple: Natural selection makes humans self-centered and aggressive— except when it makes them altruistic and peaceable. Or natural selection produces virile men who eagerly spread their seed—except when it prefers men who are faithful protectors and providers. When an explanation is so supple that it can explain any behavior, it is difficult to test it experimentally, much less use it as a catalyst for scientific discovery." -Philip Skell


FtFoC #16

>> Sunday, August 16, 2009

This one might be my favorite so far. :-)

16: "I see no reason for believing that one accident should be able to give me a correct account of all the other accidents. It’s like expecting that the accidental shape taken by the splash when you upset a milk jug should give you a correct account of how the jug was made and why it was up." -C.S. Lewis


FtFoC #15

>> Saturday, August 15, 2009

15: “If radiometric dating doesn’t work on rocks the ages of which we know, how can we trust it to work on rocks of unknown age?” -Dan Lietha


More Mortgage Trouble?

>> Friday, August 14, 2009

Hello all! 

I haven’t been posting much in the way of politics and/or economics recently, as you may have noticed,  but an article from money.cnn.com caught my attention and I thought it would be good to share.  In the article, Karen Weaver, global head of Deutsch Bank’s securitization research division (responsible for analyzing credit default swaps, collateralized mortgage obligations, “and other exotic Wall Street products”) argues that “48% of U.S. mortgage owners will end up owing more than their home is worth by 2011”. Excerpt:


"The figure may have left many Americans wondering how this could be possible. But consider that 27% of U.S. homeowners with a mortgage are already "underwater." And according to Deutsche Bank, home prices may fall another 14% before hitting a bottom.

How many Americans are underwater?

Currently we estimate that 14 million homeowners have negative equity. However, based on our home price forecast, as prices continue to fall we think that number could reach 25 million, or 48% of all mortgagors.

Where does this leave us?

The obvious takeaway of falling home prices and being underwater is what it does for defaults. But there's a bigger implication, which is that when we look at the economy over the past decade or two, it's been very much a consumer economy.

What has been driving the consumer hasn't been gains in incomes. What has been driving them is easy credit and rising home values. And the fact that their home price was rising and they could borrow against that through home equity lines or loans or refinancing, it augurs for a very different economy going forward if people don't have that option….So by creating products that lowered the payment, or lowered the amount of down-payment, it enabled more people to buy a home. It also perpetuated the bubble.”


The point of the article is…the after effects of the housing bubble – created largely (more than any other single factor at best) by artificially and unsustainably cheap credit – aren’t going away anytime soon.  Even if the Weaver’s estimates are too high, we should still be concerned.  I don’t personally think the economy will be stabilized until the bulk of these “toxic” loans are gone, and defaulting will probably end up being a major instrument through which the toxic mortgages are ended.  

Ironically, even if our governments attempts to stimulate and stabilize the economy work reasonably well,  Weaver thinks many who are underwater on their mortgages will default anyway just as a matter of common sense – unless of course there is an unprecedented economic boom resulting in a significant income increase for those underwater on their homes or the government bails them out (my words, not hers).  Excerpt:   

“At what point of being underwater do homeowners start falling into foreclosure rapidly?

Once you get to the point where negative equity is significant -- for example, 25% or more -- there have been studies that suggest you get more strategic defaults.

People say, "I bought my house for $500,000, it's worth $250,000, there are 10 available for sale in my neighborhood. It makes no economic sense to spend the rest of my life trying to pay off a $500,000 debt when there's no reasonable likelihood to expect this house to go back up to $500,000."

This might sound extreme, but we have borrowers who bought a $500,000 home in California at the peak of the market on $50,000 of income. So for them to devote their gross income for the next 10 years solely to paying off [their] mortgage doesn't make any sense.”


If you have time to read the whole article then I would recommend that you do.  It's not very long, and its case is made mostly on the basis of common sense.  

At the end of the day, I think many mortgage holders will tire of the stress that comes from being underwater on their homes, and with the excess of cheap homes available thanks to the recent burst housing bubble, it makes sense that lots of people will sooner or later default on their underwater mortgages and opt for cheaper, more economically sound, affordable, and stable housing.  When and if they do, it's probably either going to prolong the recession we are already in or send us into another mini-depression...at best perhaps. 

Of course, this is somewhat speculative, so ultimately we shall see what we shall see. :-)  Just don’t be surprised if housing and mortgages continue to be a major drag on the economy.


God bless and veritas supra!



FtFoC #14

14: “Radiometric dating methods have given erroneous dates such as a date of millions of years for lava flows that occurred in the past few hundred years.” -Terry Mortenson


FtFoC #13

>> Thursday, August 13, 2009

13: “Amounts of 14C and 12C in the atmosphere haven’t been constant throughout history (ex: Noah’s flood would have lowered the total amount of available carbon by burying lots of animals and plants). Therefore, something that lives (and died) when the proportion of 14C was less than normal would appear to have dies more years ago than it
actually did.” -Dan Lietha


FtFoC #12

>> Wednesday, August 12, 2009

12: “When all the problems in radiometric dating are taken into account, a scientist can interpret the result of the carbon dating within a biblical timeframe, but these results still cannot PROVE the age of once living things.” -Dan Lietha


It's no longer rebellious

>> Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hey all!  Just ran across this quote that I thought was worth sharing.

"Everyone is sinning, so it is no longer rebellious to sin." (Mark Driscoll)


God bless and veritas supra omnis!


FtFoC #11

11: Red blood cells have been found in the fossilized bone of a T-rex. Hemoglobin (a primary substance in red blood cells) is very fragile, and could not last for 65 million years. Therefore, dinosaurs must be younger than 65 million years. –Jonathan Park


FtFoC #10

>> Monday, August 10, 2009

10: “The idea of millions of years ago was come up with only 200 years ago” -Dr. Terry Mortenson


FtFoC #9

9: “If the flood is responsible for most of the rock layers and fossils, then those rocks and fossils cannot represent the history of the earth over millions of years, as evolutionists claim.” -Dr. Terry Mortenson


FtFoC #8

>> Saturday, August 8, 2009

8: “Noah’s flood would produce exactly the kind of geological record that we see today worldwide: thousands of feet of sediments clearly deposited by water and later hardened into rock and containing billions of fossils.” -Dr. Terry Mortenson


FtFoC #7

>> Friday, August 7, 2009

7: “If you start with biblical assumptions about a supernatural creation, about a global flood at the time of Noah, and you look at those same facts you will actually see things that the evolutionist misses and that will guide you in your interpretation and you will see that the fossils and rock actually confirm what the bible says about earth history.” -Dr. Terry Mortenson


Georgia, On the Rebound

>> Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hello all!

I doubt many of you will be interested in the following link, but I thought I'd share it anyway because A) it's very significant in international affairs, and B) I think it's interesting. :-)   If you will recall, Georgia, a country struggling to implement a westernized values system emphasizing personal and economic freedom, was shamelessly invaded by Russia last year in a blatant power grab involving an oil pipeline running through Georgia, a pipeline that threatened a Russian monopoly on the oil supply to Europe.  This article gives you an update on what's going on in Georgia as they try to recover and continue their forward progress.   I hope you find it enlightening and encouraging, if not interesting.  I believe it's important to support the efforts of Georgia.  They are not a large country, but they are struggling to bring about social and political change that is desperately needed in that region of the world.


God bless and veritas supra omnis!


Oakland "Bubble Zone" Ordinance Upheld

Hey all!

I ran across this story today and thought it was worth passing along.

In 2008, the city of Oakland, California, passed a “Bubble Ordinance” that prohibits pro-life protestors from outside abortion clinics from standing within 8 feet of women seeking abortions.   This ruling was challenged as unconstitutional, specifically as a violation of free speech rights.   The following (slightly edited) story from lifesitenews.com updates the story and fills in some details.

Oakland Abortion 'Bubble Zone' Ordinance Upheld by Federal Judge

By Patrick B. Craine

SAN FRANCISCO, California, August 4, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - A federal judge ruled yesterday that the City of Oakland's 2008 'bubble' ordinance, which prohibits pro-life protesters outside abortion facilities from standing within 8 feet of women seeking abortions, is constitutional.

The law was enacted in response to the efforts of Baptist Rev. Walter Hoye, 52, who has protested for several years outside the Oakland abortion mill, Family Planning Specialists Medical Group. Hoye would approach women to offer alternatives to abortion. He was fined and jailed for 18 days this March and April for breaching the law.

In a federal lawsuit, Hoye argued that the law violated his free-speech rights and the Constitution's equal protection clause.

U.S. District Judge Charles R. Breyer, however, found that the law's content was neutral and that it had been appropriately applied by the police who arrested Hoye.  He said the law protects access to healthcare, while also allowing protesters to express their opinion.

While Hoye "appears to take a relatively mild-mannered approach to demonstrating," the judge said, not all protesters would necessarily follow his example.

"I am horribly disappointed," commented Hoye, who has vowed to continue his pro-life witness.

One of his lawyers, Michael Millen of the Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF), has announced their intention to appeal the ruling.  "My reaction is, 'We'll see you in the Ninth Circuit,' " Millen said, referring to the federal appellate court.  "It is now illegal to stand still on the sidewalk and extend your arm to hand out a piece of literature," he said.  "I don't think the Ninth Circuit is going to buy it."

"Mark this day down," he commented in a press release today.  "On this day, a federal court judge ruled that it is constitutional to put someone in jail for a year for holding out a hand with a leaflet."

Meanwhile, the district attorney has announced that he will be seeking to permanently ban Hoye from coming within 100 feet of the abortion facility. Hoye is currently appealing a three-year probation that requires him to stay 100 feet away.

"The District Attorney is now arguing the standard pro-abort line," said Catherine Short of LLDF. "They are arguing that Rev. Hoye should be banned from ever going to the clinic because his mere presence could upset some women. They have abandoned any pretense of 'seeking justice,' which is the prosecutor's duty. This is now blatantly ideological."

It should be noted that Paster Walter Hoye is a pro-life (obviously) African American Pastor who has been protesting abortion for many years and is described as mild mannered and non-confrontational.  It is his misfortune to have been gutsy too, I guess, thus his targeting.

Keep tuned into this story as I am sure there will be more to follow!

God bless and veritas supra omnis!


FtFoC #6

6: “It is not true to say that there is different evidence for creation and evolution. Everyone has the same evidence – it is just interpreted in different ways. -Roger Patterson


FtFoC #5

>> Wednesday, August 5, 2009

5: “Many people have difficulty in accepting a Creator God because if this Creator God did create all things, then all things, including man, would have to obey the rules He places on them. Believing that
man arose by chance alleviates this responsibility and man can rule his own life.” -Ken Ham


Face the Facts of Creation

>> Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hello everybody!

Well, it’s obviously been a long time since I’ve posted anything due to circumstances and general business, but I’m doubling back down on several things I have neglected of late, including blogging, so you should be seeing more of me for now. :-)  Hopefully my mind won’t be completely emptied of ideas now that I have actually determined to post more. :-)   For today, I’m just posting to let you know that I am here, and to post my first installment of “Face the Facts of Creation”.

For some background on FtFoC (taken from FtFoC Facebook page), “The purpose of face the facts of creationism is to educate people about the facts of creation. We believe that the Bible’s account of creation is the truth and that science, while it cannot definitely prove any account of creation, actually fits into this account.”  I like the facts they have accumulated a lot and hope that you find them edifying and/or thought-provoking.

The plan is to post one fact for everyday of August, so I’m posting today’s fact and the three days facts that I missed.

God bless and veritas supra omnis!

1: “Genesis is the foundation of the rest of the Bible, therefore if a person were to believe in creation as described in Genesis they would be more apt to believe the rest of the Bible.” -Ken Ham

2: “Facts exist in the present, and our interpretations are an attempt to connect the past to the present. The evolutionists must assume everything about the past, while biblical creationists have the Bible as a “time machine” that can provide valuable insights into the past” -Roger Patterson

3: “Faith is believing in something that cannot be seen or fully explained. Faith in God is logical and defensible. Evidence all over the world points to an all-powerful God. Faith in God is not a blind faith that goes against real science. Believing that information can arise from disorder by chance is blind faith since it contradicts real science.” -Ken Ham

4: “Design is not something that happens by chance. Design shows intelligence, and intelligence requires a source. That source as explained in the Bible is God.” -Ken Ham


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